Content Management System (CMS Company in Egypt)

Content Management System, CMS Egypt

Content Management Systems (CMS) are a powerful new style of web site. Once implemented, they can be maintained without web programming knowledge or skills. You can make changes in-house, quickly and inexpensively.

Typical changes you can make on Content Management Systems (CMS Egypt) include price updates, new products, weekly specials and upcoming events.

If you like the idea of maintaining your own site and having a more dynamic customer interface, then Content Management Systems may be the right solution for you.

This entire site is an example of one of the best Content Management Systems available today. It has been implemented using a very advanced and sophisticated systems Drupal ,WebGUI , Joomla Content Management Systems.

  • Stand Alone / Not a hosted solution
  • Drag and Drop page re-ordering
  • Version Control
  • Change logs
  • Meta Data for Search Engine Optimisation
  • Banner Management
  • User Management
  • FAQ module
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Page locking, so that no two users accidentally modify the same page
  • Individual Page Change Logs
  • News Management
  • Nested Tree Menu
  • Screencasts for Support
  • Clean, easy to use interface

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