Email Marketing Services

Want a cheap and effective way to advertise with complete results monitoring?

Our system lets you monitor open rate, links clicked, and unsubscribes to correlate your sales with marketing.

At Ebda3 Web Design we can integrate your email marketing campaigns with existing mailing lists and website.

Reach your audience

We custom build an html template with a newsletter manager to give you the ability to add images and text to your newsletters in a consistent way that looks great. An html and text version also ensures that as many people as possible can get and read your emails.

Why is email marketing so important?

  • Email management maintains and strengthens existing relationships with customers.
  • An email marketing program can convince new and existing customers to purchase immediately.
  • Advertises your new and existing products and services, possibly alerting them about services they did not know you did.
  • Drives traffic to your website, where further marketing messages can induce them to buy.

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